Ensure Reasonable Class Sizes

  • Advocate for appropriate class sizes for all grade levels
  • Manage our student population to avoid large class sizes

Support the Whole Child

  • Focus on both academic and social-emotional learning
  • Advocate for the timely roll-out of the High School Start Time initiative, providing our students with a start time of 8:30AM
  • Ensure that students are supported inside and outside the classroom—while travelling to and from school, at lunch, and on the playground
  • Expand enrichment programs to stimulate creativity and enhance learning

Update and Maintain School Buildings

  • Ensure proper investments are made to maintain school buildings
  • Anticipate and advocate for funding renovations to school buildings in need of repair
  • Update buildings to ensure they are accessible, energy efficient and accommodate technology needs

Budget and Superintendent Accountability

  • Oversight of Superintendent and School Department
  • Monitor budgets carefully

Improve the connection between the School Committee and the Community

  • Enhance two-way communication between school and home
  • Strengthen partnerships with the community and local businesses